How to Use a Turkey Bag & Soda Bottle for a Bong to Smoke Weed
How to Use a Turkey Bag & Soda Bottle for a Bong to Smoke Weed

Want a fun D.I.Y. project that’ll get you nice and stoned? You can learn how to use a Turkey Bag and a Soda Bottle to make a Bong for smoking weed. After all, Thanksgiving has just passed and you probably have plenty of leftover bottles and an oven bag you can use. If not, all the equipment needed for this homemade Bong is easily found in the supermarket.

Just by using these simple household objects, you can create a makeshift Gravity Bong- also known as a Parachute Bong or a Lung. When you smoke from one of these, the bag will fill with smoke and you’ll get some exceptionally potent hits. Plus, it’s surprisingly quick and easy to make. Here’s a guide on how to use a Turkey Bag and Soda Bottle for an impressive homemade Bong.

What You Need To Make A Turkey Bag Bong

Before you can start crafting your homemade Gravity Bong, you’ll need to make sure you have a few things first. There are a lot of items that can be customized, but you’ll need a large bottle, a bag, and something to use as a bowl. You’ll also need a few basic pieces of equipment to make the Bong.

First and foremost, you’ll need a 2-liter soda bottle. Other plastic bottles can also work, such as a water bottle. Just make sure that it’s big enough. Next, you’ll need a clear bag with no holes. The best thing to use for this is a Turkey Bag, also known as an Oven Bag. If you don’t have one, a Bread Bag can also work fairly well.

There are a few ways you can make a bowl for your homemade Bong. For instance, you can use a metal socket from a wrench set or make a bowl using some aluminum foil. You can even buy a Glass Bowl and use it for your homemade Bong. Whichever way, make sure your bowl isn’t made of plastic and make sure it can fit in a small hole in a bottle cap.

While your bottle, bag, and bowl are the important parts, you’ll need a couple of things to bring your Bong together. You’ll need a pair of scissors, some sellotape, and a knife or other sharp object. Naturally, you should also have a lighter, a grinder, and a good amount of your favorite weed.

How To Make A Bong With A Turkey Bag And Soda Bottle

How To Make A Bong With A Turkey Bag And Soda Bottle

Once you have all the equipment you need, you’re ready to start making your homemade Gravity Bong. Fortunately, this method is fairly straightforward and won’t take too long to make, so you’ll be enjoying powerful hits in no time.

The first step is to cut the bottom quarter from your bottle with scissors or a knife. Next, you should wrap the opening of your Turkey Bag around the hole and tape it a few inches above the bottom of the bottle. You can shove the rest of the bag inside the bottle for now- this will come in handy for later.

Next, you’ll need to make your bowl. Your bowl needs to be inserted into the bottle cap, so you’ll need to make a small hole in the bottle cap for your bowl to fit inside. You can use a sharp object such as a knife, but you may need to burn a hole in the cap with your lighter first.

Once you’ve made a hole in the bottle cap, insert your bowl. Your bowl could be a glass bowl, a socket from a wrench set, or even a bowl made of aluminum foil. Just make sure it fits in the cap and that it’s safe and properly sealed so you won’t inhale any burning plastic. Now you’ve put your homemade Bong together, it’s time to test it for yourself.

How To Use Your Turkey Bag And Soda Bottle Bong

Before you use your new homemade Gravity Bong, make sure the bag is properly sealed to the bottle with no holes. You should also make sure that your bowl is properly sealed in the bottle cap on top of your bottle. If everything is properly prepared, it’s time to start testing out the fruits of your labor.

First, make sure your bag is pushed inside the bottle and the bowl and cap are screwed onto the top. Fill your bowl with some ground weed- you won’t need too much to get a satisfying hit. Light your weed and, as you do, slowly pull the bag out of the bottle. The bottle and bag will begin to fill up with plenty of smoke.

Once your bottle is filled with smoke, unscrew the cap from the top of the bottle and inhale. This will give you a massive hit, so don’t inhale too much. Once you’ve taken a satisfying hit, exhale and enjoy the effects. You might want to repeat the process a few times until you’re satisfied with your high.

Usually, it won’t take too many hits to give you an incredible high when you use this powerful homemade device. Once you’re finished, you can simply put it to one side and use it again when you’re ready. However, keep in mind that it can get dirty quickly and you might not want to use it multiple times.

How To Use Your Turkey Bag And Soda Bottle Bong


If you’re looking for ways to recycle your oven bags and plastic bottles, then making one of these homemade Bongs is a lot of fun. Not only will it feel rewarding, but you’ll be treated to some surprisingly strong hits. But while making a homemade Bong can be fun, it’s better to invest in a real Bong.

Buying a Glass Bong is a much better option for anyone who wants a satisfying smoking experience. You can rely on these devices to give you smooth, cool hits, especially as they filter your smoke through water. Bongs are available in various shapes and sizes, so there’s one to suit everyone. You can also find Glass Pipes, Bubblers, Vaporizers, and more at FatBuddhaGlass.

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