What Is A Waterfall Marijuana Bong
What Is A Waterfall Marijuana Bong

A Waterfall Marijuana Bong is a unique take on the regular Glass Bong that every user should try. While Bongs usually filter your smoke through water, Waterfall Bongs suck smoke into the chamber while water pours out, resulting in massive hits that can get you extremely high.

The great thing is that anyone can make a Waterfall Bong at home using nothing more than a few basic pieces of household equipment. Here’s a guide to what is a Waterfall Marijuana Bong, how to make one, and what to expect from it.

How To Make A Waterfall Bong

Anyone can make a Waterfall Bong right at home, and all you need is a large plastic bottle, some kind of bowl, and a knife or drill for making small holes. The process is fairly simple, although you should take care and make sure you don’t make the holes too big or small so you can use your Waterfall Bong effectively.

Step 1: Start by getting a regular plastic drink bottle. A 2-liter soda bottle is perfect for making a Waterfall Bong, although you can make a bigger or smaller one if you prefer. Rinse the bottle with water and reapply the cap- it’s important to keep the cap on for the next steps.

Step 2: Make a small, round hole near the bottom quarter of your bottle- small enough that you can keep it covered with your finger. This will be the hole where the water “waterfalls” out of your bong, and you might even want to use some kind of cap or plug to cover it.

Step 3: Next, it’s time to make a bowl inside the cap of the bottle. You can make a bowl out of aluminium foil or use a glass bowl from a bong or another device. Make a hole small enough to fit the bowl (you can seal the hole with blue tack or gum if you need to). If you’re using aluminium foil, make sure you use enough to fit plenty of weed without the flame hitting the plastic.

At this point, your homemade Waterfall Bong is ready to go- you just need to fill it with water, light the bowl, remove the water, and enjoy some amazing hits.

How To Smoke A Waterfall Bong

How To Smoke A Waterfall Bong

If you’ve never used a Waterfall Bong before, the process of smoking from it might be a little tricky your first few times. Once you have your Waterfall Bong all set up, here are the steps you need to go through to get a powerful hit from your Waterfall Bong.

Step 1: Start by removing the cap from the top of your bottle and filling your bowl with weed. You don’t need to use too much- even a moderate amount of weed will give you an incredibly strong hit, so don’t overdo it. Put the cap to one side for now and be ready to reapply it after filling your bottle.

Step 2: Keep the hole in the side of your Waterfall Bong covered while filling the bottle with water. You’ll need to keep the hole covered until you light your bowl, so don’t take your finger away from the hole or use something as a plug.

Step 3: Reapply the cap and light your bowl. After lighting your bowl, you can remove your finger from the bottom hole and let the water pour out. It’s best to do this over a bowl, sink, or bathtub. As the water pours out, the bottle will fill with smoke.

Step 4: As soon as the water has poured out of the bottle and it has filled with smoke, cover the bottom hole again, remove the cap, and take a long hit from the top of the bottle. Since the bottle is filled with smoke, you can get a hard-hitting high with a single hit. If you need another hit, simply follow the same steps again.

Is A Waterfall Bong Better Than A Regular Bong

Using a Waterfall Bong is a lot of fun, especially if you’re looking for huge hits of marijuana. However, with that said, it’s not necessarily better than using a regular Bong. The difference is that most Bongs filter your smoke through the water, resulting in purer and smoother hits. Waterfall Bongs instead use the water to pull smoke into the Bong.

Additionally, setting up a Waterfall Bong and taking a hit can feel like a lot of hassle if you simply want to get high. Sometimes it’s better to relax and take a few smooth, cool hits from your run-of-the-mill Bong to get a satisfying high. After all, it only takes seconds to load up a normal Bong and start enjoying the experience.

Nonetheless, it’s worth trying a Waterfall Bong at least once. It’s a unique experience and it’s easy enough for anyone to make one. You’ll get some of the most incredible hits of your life and you can take as many as you want- although one is enough for many people. Feel free to experiment with it, but don’t throw away your regular Bong.

Where To Buy A Marijuana Bong

Where To Buy A Marijuana Bong

Although making and using a Waterfall Bong is a great experience, every marijuana user should have a high-quality Glass Bong for enjoying weed regularly. Fortunately, you can find plenty of different types of Bongs right here at FatBuddhaGlass, and all of them are available for free shipping across the United States.

Mini Bongs are ideal for users who want something portable and effective. While they’re not quite as small as a Glass Pipe, they’re small enough to throw into your backpack and take to a smoking buddy’s house.

Big Bongs or “Big Hitter Bongs” are perfect for experienced users who want the biggest marijuana hits possible. With long stems, these devices will fill up with plenty of smoke for you to inhale. You can also try Gravity Bongs, which can create huge hits in a unique style to Waterfall Bongs.

You can also check out a range of Scientific Bongs, Colorful Bongs, and even Dab Rigs. All of these devices can give you an amazing high and there are plenty of different styles available to suit every kind of user.


A Waterfall Marijuana Bong is a special type of Bong that involves water “waterfalling” out through a carb hole while pulling in smoke from your marijuana. As such, it produces huge hits and can be an incredibly fun experience, although some users may prefer using a regular Bong.

If you’re looking for a high-quality Glass Bong, you can find plenty of options at all price ranges at FatBuddhaGlass. You can also find plenty of Glass Pipes, Dab Rigs, Vaporizers, and everything else you need for a stellar experience.

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