Glass vs Plastic Bongs Whats Better

Glass vs Plastic Bongs Whats Better

Bongs are smoking devices that allow you to filter your smoke through water before it reaches your lungs. Not only does it make the whole process of smoking much easier than rolling a joint or packing a blunt, but you’ll benefit from pure, potent hits that feel sensational. Bongs can come in different materials, with two of the most common being glass and plastic. So Glass vs Plastic Bongs: what’s better? 

Both of these types of Bongs have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, users who want cooler hits will probably prefer a glass piece, whereas an acrylic Bong can make sense for those who want something lighter and more affordable. Here’s a helpful guide to the pros and cons of Glass and Plastic Bongs and which is the best option for you.

Glass Bongs: Pros and Cons

Glass Bongs are probably the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Bongs. Glass smoking devices are incredibly common as, not only do they look great, but they can also make your hits feel smoother and are available in many shapes, sizes, and prices.

The main benefit of using a Glass Bong is that they offer better performance compared to other types of Bongs. Glass is excellent for keeping your smoke nice and smooth as it travels through your Bong, and Glass Bongs often come with extra features such as percolators, ice catchers, and diffused downstems to make your hits feel even better.

You also get a staggering amount of variety when you buy a Glass Bong. From incredible Scientific Bongs with added perks and accessories to convenient Mini Bongs, there’s a suitable Glass Bong for anyone. On top of that, many of these pieces have amazing designs and can double as interesting pieces of glass art even if you’re not interested in smoking.

With that said, they also have disadvantages. Naturally, Glass Bongs are more fragile than Plastic Bongs. Although many are made with high-quality borosilicate glass, making them relatively strong and sturdy, you can still crack or smash a Glass Bong if it falls onto a hard surface or if you apply excessive heat.

Maintenance is also important when it comes to Glass Bongs. Residue and bacteria can quickly accumulate on glass, and you’ll need to use rubbing alcohol or specialty cleaners to properly disinfect your Bong. With that said, cleaning a Glass Bong is fairly easy and shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.

Glass Bongs Pros and Cons

Plastic Bongs: Pros and Cons

Plastic Bongs are another popular option, especially if you’re not a big fan of Glass Bongs. While many types of plastic aren’t suitable for withstanding heat or fire, Acrylic Bongs are a decent option for those who want an affordable, effective, and durable Bong.

The main benefit of using an Acrylic Bong is that they’re extremely resistant to damage. While even sturdy Glass Bongs can crack or break if they fall, you won’t need to worry about accidentally knocking your Acrylic Bong off the table or scratching it with something sharp. They’re a great option if you’re clumsy or if you want a durable Bong for on-the-go use.

Another benefit of buying an Acrylic Bong is that they’re usually much cheaper than Glass Bongs. Although you can find high-quality Glass Bongs for as low as around $20, Acrylic Bongs can be found for up to a quarter of that price. It’s usually worth paying more for a higher quality piece, but even then, Plastic Bongs will be cheaper on the whole.

However, you’ll get what you pay for with Acrylic Bongs, and the main disadvantage is that they don’t perform nearly as well as Glass Bongs. In comparison to the cool and smooth hits you get from a Glass Bong, the hits from Plastic Bongs often feel warm and stale, like taking a swig of water from a warm plastic bottle.

What’s more, although you can find many styles and sizes of Acrylic Bongs, they’re usually not as fancy as Glass Bongs. Not only will they not look as stylish or expensive, but they usually aren’t as customizable and won’t have extra features such as percolators and interchangeable bowls.

Glass vs Plastic Bongs: What’s Better?

So Glass vs. Plastic Bongs: what’s better? When you compare these devices overall, Glass Bongs are easily better. Not only do they provide smoother hits and better performance in general, but they look better and give you much more value for your money. With that said, there are a few factors to consider when you’re deciding between the two.

Glass Bongs are best for users who want maximum performance, customizability, and a piece that’ll give them high-quality smoking sessions. Hits from a Glass Bong are consistently better than hits from a Plastic Bong, and you can easily switch things up by adding some of the best Bong accessories.

Plastic Bongs are a better choice for some scenarios, though. If you’re not fussy about quality and simply want something affordable and durable, then an Acrylic Bong should suit your needs. They can be found for incredibly cheap and they’re also much less fragile than Glass Bongs, making them great for traveling with.

You might even want to get one of each type. Some users have a Glass Bong for enjoying premium hits at home and a durable Acrylic Bong for when they’re away from home or even just as a back-up when their Glass Bong needs cleaning. Neither of these types of devices will break the bank, so there’s no harm in having multiple Bongs.

Glass vs Plastic Bongs


When it comes to Glass vs. Plastic Bongs, Glass Bongs are the winners. Although Acrylic Bongs are cheap and harder to break, Glass Bongs will give you significantly better hits. Not to mention that they generally look better and offer much more room for customization.

Plastic Bongs still have their perks. For instance, if you need a Bong to travel with that you’re not worried about breaking, a cheap Acrylic Bong will fit the bill. However, Glass Bongs come out on top when you’re simply looking for the best smoking experience possible. You can find a wide range of Glass Bongs and other smoking accessories online at Fat Buddha Glass.


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