Personalize Your Bong With These Unique Bowls
Personalize Your Bong With These Unique Bowls

Bongs are always a good choice for anyone who wants to enhance their smoking experience. After all, packing a bowl with your favorite dry herbs and taking a long, smooth hit is much more convenient than rolling a joint every time you want to smoke- not to mention the hits feel purer and more satisfying. Plus, there are plenty of ways to customize your Bong. For instance, you might want to personalize your Bong with unique bowls.

Most Bongs come with a removable bowl and often a removable downstem as well. This makes it easy to take it out for cleaning purposes or even simply for filling it with weed, but as a bonus, it also means that you can replace one bowl with another if you want to. Some users replace their bowl between cleaning or even to upgrade to a better one. However, you can also replace your bowl simply for aesthetic purposes with a bowl that suits your style and personality.

There are plenty of great bowls out there that you can slide right into your Bong for an instant upgrade. Some will give you more space, some are made with high-quality materials to offer more durability, and some simply look awesome. No matter what kind of bowl you’re looking for, we have a plethora of options to suit every user. Here are some of the best bowls to personalize your Bong.

Horn Bowl

While some users want a bright and colorful bowl to enhance the style of their Bong, some users might want something more straightforward. This Horn Bowl won’t make your Bong stand out too much, but if you’re looking for a sturdy bowl that’ll give you excellent hits every time you use it, it’s a solid choice.

The Horn Bowl is a simple glass bowl with a protruding horn on the side. This makes it look a little different from regular bowls and it also makes it nice and easy to remove and re-insert your bowl whenever you need to. More importantly, it’s a deep bowl that offers plenty of room for packing your favorite strains.

Since it’s handmade with high-quality glass, you can rely on this bowl for all your smoking sessions for years to come. It’s easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and perhaps the best news of all is that it costs only $9.99. It’s also available in 18mm and 14mm sizes.

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Color Changing Glass Bowl

If you want to instantly give your Bong a style upgrade, then this Color Changing Glass Bowl might be the perfect accessory for you. It’s instantly noticeable thanks to its unique design- looking somewhat like a colorful Genie’s lamp that’ll grant every stoner’s wishes. If that wasn’t good enough, it also changes colors.

With each hit you take from this fancy bowl, you’ll notice the colors transforming and changing, making for a funky smoking experience. It also features a heavy horn and it’s deep enough to pack plenty of weed, making it ideal for pulling the most satisfying hits.

As well as being extra stylish and functional, it’s also strong and durable and you won’t be let down by its thick marble structure. As such, any Bong user who’s looking for a bowl that’ll enhance the looks and quality of their Bong can’t go wrong with this bowl. It costs just $19.99 and it’s well worth the money.

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Color Changing Glass Bowl

Cone Bowl

The Cone Bowl isn’t too big or fancy, but smokers who want a simple and effective replacement bowl will be more than happy with this accessory. It features a nice conical bowl that can fit a modest amount of weed and a handy notch on the side that makes it easy to remove and reinsert.

There’s nothing too exciting about this bowl, and users who want something that’ll enhance the color or style of their Bong might want to look at other options. However, you can rest assured that you’ll get quality hits when you use the Cone Bowl, not to mention you won’t have to pay much, either.

Whether you need a straightforward bowl for your device or even if you want to keep an affordable and durable replacement handy, this is a solid purchase. It costs only $9.99 and it’s available in 14mm and 18mm sizes to suit a wide range of devices.

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Eye Bowl

If you want an awesome looking bowl that’ll quickly become the talking point of your smoking sessions with friends, then check out the Eye Bowl. This cool glass piece will make your Bong look unique with its cool and creepy eyeball design, but it’ll also enhance your Bong and make your smoking sessions better.

The Eye Bowl isn’t just good for aesthetics- it’s also a well-sized bowl that offers plenty of room for your strain of choice. It’s also made with high-quality materials, so you can rest assured that it’ll last you for a long time and will fit nicely into your downstem without any issues.

It’s available in 14mm and 18mm sizes, making it compatible with all kinds of Bongs. Not only is it a great purchase for smokers who want to upgrade their device, but it can also make for a great gift if you have a stoner friend that’ll appreciate its Halloween-esque design. It costs $17.99 and it’s worth it for the style and quality.

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Invincibowl 14mm Bowl

Although most users have a glass bowl in their Bong, you might want to consider other materials as well. Although glass bowls give you smooth and flavorful hits, they’re also prone to problems such as scratching and denting. As such, you might want to consider a replacement bowl such as the Invincibowl 14mm Bowl.

This unique bowl was designed by a mechanical engineer to offer optimal functionality for Bong users. Instead of using glass, it’s made with aerospace-grade aluminum and 304 surgical stainless steel. You won’t have to worry about scratches or dents anymore and it’s even shatter-proof.

You’ll be more than satisfied with the quality of the hits this bowl offers. What’s more, it’s exceptionally easy to use and clean thanks to the removable bowl and mesh screen. Although glass bowls have their perks, you might not want to go back after using the Invincibowl. It costs $29.99 and is available in five colors.

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Green Lime Glass Bowl

Green Lime Glass Bowl

This Green Lime Glass Bowl is another impressive glass piece that’ll look great as a new addition to your Bong. With a heavy horn on one side and a large notch on the other, it’s easy to handle and also offers a deep bowl to make for some powerful and highly enjoyable smoking sessions.

The lime green coloring and unique design of the horn make this one of the best-looking unique bowls you can choose. It’ll go especially well with a green Bong but can add a burst of color to any device. Plus, it’s made with thick marble that’s sturdy and durable, so you won’t need to worry about dropping and breaking it too easily.

The Green Lime Glass Bowl is available in 14mm or 18mm, so you can get one to fit pretty much any Bong. It’ll cost you $19.99, but it’s built-to-last and will definitely make your Bong look unique and stylish.

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Batman Bowl

Some users prefer bowls that are bright and colorful whereas others prefer bowls that are simple yet highly functional. However, if you’re looking for something that’s extra unique and novel while still offering a superb smoking session, then make sure you don’t miss this awesome Batman Bowl.

The Batman Bowl resembles everyone’s favorite DC hero and is sure to impress all your smoking buddies. But on top of its cool and novel design, this bowl is also perfectly-shaped to pack plenty of your favorite weed while also being easy to slide in and out of any Bong.

This unique bowl is made with high-quality materials that feel sturdy and won’t crack easily. Not only is it a great purchase for anyone who wants to upgrade their Bong, but it can also act as a unique and thoughtful gift if you have a buddy who’s a smoker as well as a Batman fan. The Batman Bowl costs $19.99 and is available in 14mm and 18mm sizes.

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Green Eye Bowl

If you’re looking for a new bowl for your Bong that’ll add some color as well as boasting an offbeat design, then you’ll probably be a big fan of the Green Eye Bowl. This bowl will definitely make your Bong look different from anyone else’s, and it’s also very satisfying to smoke from.

This bowl instantly stands out thanks to its design. With transparent green glass, cane horns, and unique accents, it’s a great bowl for those who want to add some quirkiness to their Bong. It’s also thick, sturdy, and offers a satisfying amount of space for filling with your chosen product and taking a hit.

You can buy the Green Eye Bowl in either 14mm or 18mm sizes, making it suitable for all kinds of Bongs. It’s easy to slip in or out of your downstem thanks to its horns and it’s also easy to clean. If you’re interested in enhancing the style of your Bong with the Green Eye Bowl, it can be yours for just $17.99

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Green Eye Bowl

Gold Female Bowl

If you need a female bowl for your device, then you might want to check out this Gold Female Bowl. Not only does it have a nice round structure with a good deal of space for filling with your favorite strains, but it can also add plenty of style and color to your device.

Just looking at this device after a few hits can feel satisfying. With 24k gold fuming and a sea of colorful dots, it’s one of the best bowls to buy if you want your Bong to instantly look fancier. With thick and durable glass, you also won’t feel let down when it comes to quality.

The Gold Female Bowl is available in 14mm or 18mm so it can fit a wide range of devices. As well as looking good, it’ll also give you excellent hits each time you use it. It’s available for $17.99, making it an attractive purchase for anyone who wants an upgrade for their device.

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Jawsome Bowl

If you want to spice up your device with a high-quality bowl that has a fun and unique design, then you’ll love the Jawsome Bowl. Adding some weed to the mouth of a Great White Shark will only feel more entertaining after a few hits. But it isn’t just good for novelty’s sake, it’s also a top-notch bowl for any smoker.

The Jawsome Bowl is handcrafted by Empire Glassworks and uses borosilicate glass. You can rely on it to be of exceptional quality, and the detailing makes it all the more impressive. Whether you’re looking for a bowl that feels great to smoke from or a bowl that’ll make your Bong look better, this is a great pick.

This bowl has a 14.5mm male direct inject joint and won’t add too much weight to your device. It’s an excellent upgrade bowl and it can also make for a great gift for any of your stoner buddies. It costs $49.99, which may seem steep to seem, but it’s a high-quality piece that’s sure to last.

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When you’re looking for a good upgrade for your Bong, then these unique bowls are all great options. Whether you want to add more color, something novel, or simply replace your bowl with a better one, there’s a good bowl for every kind of Bong user.

All of these bowls are available for convenient free U.S. shipping. But that’s not all you can buy- you can also find a massive range of Bongs, Pipes, Bubblers, and plenty of other smoking devices and accessories at FatBuddhaGlass.

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