The 8 Best Bong Accessories: A Guide to Take Your Bong Up a Notch

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The 8 Best Bong Accessories

When you want an easy, convenient, and highly effective way to smoke weed, it’s hard to beat the feeling of a Bong. Also known as Water Pipes, Bongs offer exceptionally smooth and powerful hits by filtering your smoke through water before you take a hit from a wide, round chamber. You can also customize your Bong using all kinds of Bong accessories.

Some Bong accessories will make your Bong smoke even smoother or add some extra power to your hits. Some simply help make using and cleaning your Bong more convenient. Some can even help you turn your Bong into a Dab Rig for the most potent hits possible. Here are 8 of the best Bong accessories to take your Bong up a notch.

1. Bowl

The Bowl is one of the most important parts of any Bong. This is where you put your weed and light it, and bowls can come in various shapes and sizes. Some Bongs offer large, wide bowls allowing you to pack plenty of weed for a powerful hit. Some are simply made of better materials, meaning they can withstand high heat and make lighting your weed easy.

While many Bongs come with perfectly good bowls already, you can also buy Bowl attachments if you aren’t happy with yours. Some of these will give you a better smoking experience whereas some will simply look awesome in your Bong. Whichever way, a new bowl is one of the best accessories if you want to customize your Bong.

2. Quartz Banger

If you want to really take your Bong up a notch, then you might want to grab a Quartz Banger. A banger, also known as a dab nail, is a part that’s somewhat similar to a bowl except it’s deeper and sticks out from your device. What’s more, it’s made with materials such as Quartz, which can withstand more heat than glass without cracking.

The point of using a Quartz banger is that you can heat it with a blow torch without it cracking. Once it’s red hot, you simply apply a dab of your favorite cannabis concentrate and take an incredibly strong hit. Some Bongs come with both a glass bowl and a Quartz banger, such as the Klein Recycler. However, you can also buy a Quartz banger to slot into your Bong to instantly transform it into a Dab Rig.

Quartz Banger

3. Percolators

If you want your Bong hits to be cooler and smoother by the time they reach your mouth, then you’ll want a percolator in your Bong. A percolator or perc is an attachment that helps cool down your smoke. They come in many forms, such as chambers or small holes that your smoke makes its way through, cooling it down in the process.

Although you can get percolator attachments for your Bong, it’s generally best to buy a Bong with a built-in percolator if you want your hits to be extra satisfying. There are plenty of these out there, such as The Matrix Bong with a Matrix percolator or the Disc Perc Lean Back Recycler. Once you try a Bong with a percolator, you won’t want to use one without it.

4. Ash Catcher

Another one of the best Bong accessories to enhance your Bong is an ash catcher. This is a device that stops any unwanted ash from getting into your Bong, making your hits much smoother and more satisfying in the process. Some even come with percolators to enhance your hits even more.

Using an ash catcher is easy. You can buy Ash Catchers online and simply slot one into the stem of your Bong. You can then attach your bowl to the ash catcher and start enjoying some of the freshest and smoothest hits from your newly enhanced Bong. These accessories are cheap and easy to use, so it’s well worth trying one.

5. Diffused Downstems

The downstem is the part of your Bong that connects the bowl to the chamber. Although many of these are simply attached to the Bong, some users buy external downstem attachments to customize their Bong. For instance, if you want to enhance your hits, you can use a Diffused Downstem.

A Diffused Downstem is helpful as it aerates your hits before they even reach the chamber, resulting in some of the best hits possible. They’re also easy to attach to any Bong and even make it easier to clean.

Diffused Downstems

6. Bowl Screens

When you use your Bong regularly, it’s easy to cause unwanted dirt and damage. Resin from burnt marijuana accumulates in your bowl swiftly, and unless you’re washing it thoroughly after every use, it can be hard to avoid. Unless you use a bowl screen.

Bowl screens are small metal screens that can be bent to fit in any kind of bowl. Whether you’re using a Pipe or Bong, these always come in handy. Simply put a screen into your bowl before you light your weed and you’ll help prevent unnecessary damage to your glass bowl. It’ll also help make cleaning up a whole lot easier.

7. Cleaners

No matter how much you protect your Bong, you’re still going to need to clean it now and then. Bacteria can build up in your Bong over time and your glass might get damaged by smoke and resin, so make sure you don’t skimp on cleaning.

While washing your Bong under a hot tap helps remove some cosmetic damage, you’ll need to give it a deep clean after you’ve used it a fair amount. You can use isopropyl alcohol for this or you can use Specialty Cleaners, designed to keep your device looking in tip-top shape.

8. Grinder

While it should be obvious for anyone who’s smoked weed before, a Grinder is an essential accessory. Whether you’re rolling joints, using a Pipe, or using a Bong, grinding your weed before smoking it will make your hits so much better.

Putting ground weed in the bowl of your Bong will help you light it easier and give you much better hits. It’ll also prevent resin build-up to some extent as you won’t be dealing with chunks of ash and burnt weed. You can buy Grinders online quickly and easily, so don’t try smoking without one.

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