Top 10 Bong Water Alternatives to Make Your Weed Taste Better
Top 10 Bong Water Alternatives to Make Your Weed Taste Better

Using a Bong is arguably the greatest way to enjoy weed for many reasons. The whole process of loading your bowl, lighting up, and taking a hit is quick and easy, plus the hits are perfect for giving you an excellent euphoric high. It's also easy to customize your smoking experience when you use a Bong. For instance, instead of using water, you can try some of the best bong water alternatives to make your weed taste better.

Bongs usually work by filtering your smoke through water to give you smoother and purer hits. However, instead of filling the chamber with water, you can try a whole range of other liquids to enhance your smoking sessions. It's safe, effective, and some users even find using other liquids more enjoyable- although some are better to use than others.

If you've never tried swapping your bong water for something else, then make sure you try some of these options out. Some will make your smoke taste fruitier whereas some will make it cooler. Some can even make your hits feel completely different. Here are the top 10 bong water alternatives that you should try for yourself.

1. Cranberry Juice

When you're looking for fruity Bong hits, Cranberry Juice is one of the best replacements you can find for bong water. Not only will Cranberry Juice add tons of flavor to every hit that you take, but using Cranberry Juice in your Bong might even have some extra perks when it comes to keeping the glass clean.

Cranberry Juice is one of the most popular replacements for bong water as it makes the hits taste so much better. You'll get a kick of cranberry every time you inhale, and the hits will also feel nice and smooth. It goes especially well with fruity marijuana strains, but whichever kind of strain you use, it's sure to be a great smoking session.

One of the interesting things about Cranberry Juice is that its acidic nature can have a natural cleaning effect on the glass of your Bong, making it an even more attractive alternative to bong water. If you want to make it even better, you can even add a little bit of crushed ice or some ice cubes along with the Cranberry Juice for some cold and fresh cranberry-flavored hits.

2. Wine

Ever thought about enhancing your Bong hits with alcohol? Interestingly enough, one of the most popular bong water replacements is Wine. While most alcoholic drinks will make your Bong hits too harsh and toxic, Wine works surprisingly well and can make your Bong hits taste rich and fruity. Just make sure that you pick a good Wine.

As long as the alcohol content of your wine isn't too high, it can work wonders when you use it in your Bong. If you're looking for an earthy and fruity taste, then try adding some of your favorite Red Wine to the chamber of your Bong. Alternatively, you might prefer some White Wine for a sweeter kick to your Bong hits.

You might even want to try matching the type of Wine to use to the marijuana strain you use. For instance, mixing a fruity strain with a fruity Wine can result in some incredible-tasting hits. Keep in mind that using Wine as bong water won't make you drunk. However, you can enjoy a glass of your chosen Wine on the side to enhance the experience.


3. Hot Tea

Another one of the greatest alternatives to bong water is Tea. While you might prefer the cool, refreshing hits of using ice water or other cold liquids, sometimes it's fun to go in the other direction and make your hits warm and flavorful by using Tea. Many users find that using Tea in your Bong makes for some of the smoothest hits possible.

There are some things to keep in mind before you try to use hot Tea in your Bong. Some Glass Bongs have a hard time withstanding high levels of heat, so it's best to give your Tea some time to cool before adding it to your Bong. You should also avoid using hot Tea in an acrylic Bong as it may end up burning the plastic and making your hits unhealthy.

However, as long as you take the right precautions, this is an excellent way to enhance your Bong hits. Whether you prefer Earl Grey or Lemongrass Tea, you can use various types of Tea to make the experience more enjoyable. Not only will you catch the alluring aroma of Tea as you use a Bong, but it'll even make the base of your Bong warmer and nicer to hold.

4. Iced Tea

Adding Hot Tea to your Bong is a fun way to make the hits warm as well as adding the fresh aroma and flavor of Tea. However, if you prefer your hits to be nice and cool, then try using Iced Tea instead. Iced Tea can add extra flavor to your Bong hits while still making them feel cold and refreshing when they hit your lungs.

If you're used to making homemade Iced Tea, try adding some to your Bong after a few hours of cooling it in the fridge with some ice cubes. Alternatively, you can simply buy a bottle of Iced Tea from the store and pour some into the chamber. Keep in mind that sugar can stain glass, so if you use sugary Iced Tea, be sure to clean your Bong thoroughly afterward.

There are plenty of delicious flavors of Iced Tea out there that go sensationally well with weed. Some Lemon Iced Tea can enhance the hits of a citrusy strain like Citrus Haze or Lemon Jack whereas Peach Iced Tea tastes delicious with berry-flavored strains like Blue Dream. Try some different flavors out and enjoy the results.

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5. Gatorade

If you want a bong water replacement that'll add an extra kick of flavor to every hit, Gatorade is a top choice. The taste isn't too overwhelming, but it adds the perfect amount of flavor to your hits. Whether you prefer Fruit Punch, Cool Blue, or Lemon-Lime, enhancing your Bong hits with the flavors of Gatorade can make for a particularly enjoyable experience.

Simply fill the base of your Bong with some of your favorite flavor of Gatorade and try it out. Although it won't make your hits any cooler or smoother, most users find that this is one of the best alternatives to bong water when you want to add some extra flavor- especially as you have many to choose from.

Keep in mind that Gatorade is packed with sugar and, as such, you'll want to clean your Bong after using it to avoid the glass becoming stained. Alternatively, you might even want to turn your Gatorade bottle into a makeshift Bong- it's perfectly shaped and can be transformed into a surprisingly effective smoking device. Just check out our guide to making a homemade Bong.


6. Ice Water

If you don't want to get too experimental with your Bong liquids, then one of the simplest and best alternatives is to simply use ice water. Ice water will make your hits feel incredibly pure and smooth- even more so than using regular water. Plus, you won't need to buy anything and can try this out even by just using tap water.

There are a couple of ways you can enhance your Bong hits with ice water. One option is to fill a jug of water with ice and put it in the fridge for a few hours. You might even want to put it in the freezer just long enough for it to cool down without freezing. Once your water is ice cold, simply pour it into the chamber of your Bong and enjoy the cool hits.

Another way you can do this is to add water to your Bong as you usually would and then add a few ice cubes. Give the water some time to cool down and, once it's cold enough, your hits will feel incredibly smooth and fresh. This is one of the best and easiest ways to enhance your Bong hits and there's no reason not to try it.

7. Infused Water

For an easy yet effective way to make your Bong hits a little more fresh and flavorful, try using infused water. You'll still get the kind of smooth, pure hits that you'd get from using regular water, but you'll get an extra kick of flavor thanks to the extra fruit, mint, or herb infusions that you add.

There are two ways you can do this. The easiest is to simply add your extra ingredients straight to your bong water. Leave it for a little while before taking a hit and your hits will be nice and flavorful. However, the best way to do this is to add your ingredients to a jug of water and leave it in the fridge for a few hours. That way, your water will be nice and cool when you add it to your Bong.

Some of the best ingredients you can add to water for an extra kick of flavor are mint leaves, citrus peels, ginger, strawberries, or even cucumbers. You might even want to add some essential oils such as peppermint or eucalyptus. Get creative and try out different flavors for a unique Bong smoking experience.

8. Sparkling Water

If you want one of the best Bong smoking sessions possible, then try replacing your bong water with some sparkling water. Although there are many ways to add some extra flavor to your bong water, using sparkling water is easily one of the best as it'll make your hits feel so much different.

Due to the carbonation, sparkling water can completely change the way your hits feel. When you fill your Bong with sparkling water, light your weed, and inhale, the hit will have a brief fizzy sensation. The more hits you take, the cooler this sensation feels. Plus, you can add some flavor to your hits by using flavored sparkling water.

There are plenty of brands and flavors of sparkling water out there, so whether you prefer the taste of lemon, apple, or strawberry, simply buy some of your favorite sparkling water and add it to your Bong. Adding some ice to the mix doesn't hurt either- this will make for some cool, fresh, and fizzy Bong hits.

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9. Crushed Ice

If you want a new way to enjoy some potent Bong hits, using a different liquid isn't your only choice. Instead, you might want to fill the base of your Bong with some crushed ice. Although it might make your hits a little harder to inhale, it can result in some exceptionally cool Bong hits that'll hit you hard.

It's easy enough to add some crushed ice to your Bong. Just take some ice cubes and crush them in a bowl. To make things easier, you can also crush your ice in a blender before pouring it into your Bong. Make sure you pour the crushed ice into your Bong carefully to avoid cracking or damaging the glass.

For a similar effect, you can even try adding snow to your Bong. Of course, you'll need the right weather, and shoving snow into your Bong is a little harder than using crushed ice, but this can also work surprisingly well. To top things off, add a little juice or flavored water (or even a Slushie) to your crushed ice or snow to add some flavor to the hits.

10. Mouthwash

While many of these options make sense as alternatives to regular bong water, one of the most unique alternatives you can use is Mouthwash. Not only will this make your Bong hits taste nice and fresh, but your hits will also have a subtle minty sting when they reach your throat, making for a cool and refreshing experience.

Make sure you don't use too much Mouthwash- it can be strong and the flavor might be a little overwhelming in some cases. For the best results, you might even want to mix a little bit of Mouthwash with some water. You can even add some ice to make your hits cool as well as minty fresh.

This is one of the most novel alternatives to bong water, but it works surprisingly well. You can even experiment with different brands and flavors of Mouthwash to see which one works best for you. As a bonus, your breath will feel nice and fresh after your smoking session when you add some Mouthwash to the Bong.


If your Bong smoking sessions are getting a little stale and you want to enhance the experience, try experimenting with some of these alternatives to bong water. Whether you're looking to add some extra flavor to your hits, make them cooler, make them smoother, or even make them warmer, these are some of the best things to add to your Bong.

Remember to clean your Bong thoroughly after using alternative liquids- especially if you're using sugary drinks such as Gatorade or Fruit Juice. You should also be careful when adding ice or any hot liquids that might crack the glass. If you need a high-quality Bong for your next smoking session, you can find tons of great devices online at FatBuddhaGlass.


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