5 Best Cleaners for Marijuana Pipe
5 Best Cleaners for Marijuana Pipe

Using a Marijuana Pipe is one of the greatest ways to enjoy marijuana. It’s portable enough to use anywhere and simple enough to load your weed, light up, and start enjoying a phenomenal high within minutes. However, while a Pipe doesn’t require too much maintenance, you should still invest in the best cleaners for your Marijuana Pipe to keep it in the best condition possible.

Rinsing your Marijuana Pipe under the tap can get rid of some of the resin and cosmetic damage, but bacteria can quickly build-up inside your Pipe and you’ll need to give it a much more in-depth clean to ensure that it’s safe to use. There are a few options here- you can use regular cleaning supplies or you can use specialty Marijuana Pipe cleaners. Here are 5 of the best cleaners for Marijuana Pipes to consider.

1. ResRemover Pipe Cleaner

This specialty Pipe Cleaner from ResRemover will leave your Marijuana Pipe looking brand new. It’s made with an all-natural plant-based formula that’s designed specifically for cleaning and sanitizing any kind of Marijuana Pipe, so you can rely on it for the most thorough clean possible. It also makes the entire cleaning process exceptionally simple.

ResRemover Pipe Cleaner comes in a pouch, allowing you to simply slide your Marijuana Pipe inside, fill it with hot water, and seal it. After sealing your Pipe inside, you can shake it to ensure every corner of your Pipe is cleaned then leave it to soak. Once you take it out of the pouch, it’ll look fresh, clean, and ready to use again.

This is undeniably one of the best cleaners for your Marijuana Pipe both in terms of convenience and effectiveness. Plus, since it’s water-based and doesn’t use any solvents, your Pipe will come out of the pouch smelling nice and fresh without any strange chemical smells. It works with glass, quartz, acrylic, plastic, silicone, metal, and ceramic devices.

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Resolution Gel Class Cleaning Solution

2. Resolution Gel Class Cleaning Solution

Another one of the best cleaners for Marijuana Pipes is the Resolution Gel Class Cleaning Solution. This handy cleaning pouch works incredibly well for Glass Marijuana Pipes. It can also be used effectively for other small glass devices and accessories, such as bowls, stems, and Chillums.

Using this specialty cleaner is nice and easy. It comes in a resealable pouch, so you can simply open the top, insert your Marijuana Pipe, and seal it. Instead of a liquid solution, it uses the Res Gel® cleaning solution- this clay-based formula gets in every stubborn nook and cranny of your Pipe to give it an intensive clean.

You only need to soak your Marijuana Pipe in the pouch for around 5-30 minutes, although leaving it overnight can help with exceptionally dirty Pipes. Overall, this cleaning solution is easy-to-use, versatile, and affordable, making it one of the best options for users looking for a good way to clean their Marijuana Pipes without having to mess with chemicals.

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3. Rubbing Alcohol

Specialty Marijuana Pipe Cleaners are often the best options for cleaning your Marijuana Pipe, especially since they’re designed specifically for that purpose. However, if you don’t feel like investing in a specialty cleaner and instead want to try some of the best D.I.Y. methods, then using rubbing alcohol can work a treat.

Using rubbing alcohol to clean your Marijuana Pipe is fairly simple. After rinsing your Pipe, simply submerge it in a plastic container filled with around a ¼ cup to ½ cup of 70-90% isopropyl alcohol and some hot water. Move it around and consider adding a couple of tablespoons of salt- this can act as an abrasive when it comes to scrubbing the resin away.

After submerging your Pipe for at least 10-15 minutes, remove it from the solution, rinse it thoroughly, and scrub it clean with a paper towel. You might also want to use some pipe cleaners to get rid of any stubborn debris. After that, your Pipe should look clean and fresh. Although this method takes a little more effort, it’s a cheap and effective way to clean and sanitize your Pipe.

Boiling Water

4. Boiling Water

If you want an even cheaper way to clean your Marijuana Pipe, you might want to try using boiling water. This method isn’t the best as, in some cases, boiling water might damage or crack your Glass Pipe. However, it still works well for many users and often helps when you have no other options.

Start by rinsing your Marijuana Pipe under the tap and scrubbing away any resin or debris you can see on the Pipe. After that, submerge it in a suitable container of boiling water for at least 15-30 minutes. You might also want to add some salt or even dishwashing liquid to help get rid of any stubborn resin.

After letting it soak, remove your Pipe and scrub once again if there’s any debris left in the Pipe- especially in the mouthpiece and bowl. After a quick rinse, it should be nice and clean. Use this method with caution- it can ruin your Pipe in some cases, and using a specialty cleaner or rubbing alcohol is usually preferable.

5. Pipe Cleaner Hard Bristles

While the term “Marijuana Pipe Cleaners” is often used to refer to the cleaning solutions used for soaking and sanitizing your Marijuana Pipe, you should also be using regular old Pipe Cleaners to scrub away at any of the pieces of dirt you might find on your Pipe.

These Pipe Cleaner Hard Bristles are the perfect solution for getting rid of any stubborn resin or debris on your Glass Pipe. They can squeeze into the mouthpiece, the bowl, the stem, and pretty much anywhere else on your Pipe you need to clean.

It’s best to use these in conjunction with one of the other methods. That way, you can sanitize your Pipe while also getting rid of any resin or cosmetic damage. Whichever method you use, make sure you pick some of these up to take care of your Pipe.

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