5 Ways to Come Down Faster from Weed
5 Ways to Come Down Faster from Weed

Every stoner occasionally finds themselves in the situation where they’ve smoked just a little too much. If you overshoot your limits too much, you might end up experiencing unwanted side effects such as dry mouth, headaches, and paranoia. Fortunately, there are various effective ways to come down faster from weed if you’re not enjoying your high.

Whether you’re experiencing a bad high or you simply need to sober up before moving on with your day, these simple tricks can help you reduce a bad high with ease. Some are more practical than others depending on the situation and you can even try more than one in conjunction to come down from your high even faster. Here are 5 of the best ways to come down faster from weed.

1. Drink Water And Eat Food

One of the best tried-and-tested ways to come down faster from weed involves nothing more than eating and drinking. When you get high on an empty stomach, you’re likely to feel much more light-headed and nauseous, not to mention it can put you in a worse mood. Being dehydrated can be just as disastrous as it often leads to headaches and nausea.

Not only that, but keeping yourself well-fed and properly hydrated will make you feel more alert, in control, and even help your body flush THC out faster. It’s best to always keep a bottle of water nearby when you’re getting high- just a few swigs can help you regain some focus and stability when you’re dealing with an overwhelming high.

Eating snacks will also help. You might want to keep some nuts, fruits, or even unhealthy snacks like chips around to fill yourself up when you’re high. Eating a proper meal will be even more helpful, and you’ll likely feel much better after eating something filling. You can even reduce your high based on the ingredients used- black pepper can reduce the effects of THC, as can lemon juice.

Get Some Fresh Air Or Light Exercise

2. Get Some Fresh Air Or Light Exercise

Another one of the best ways to come down faster from a marijuana high is to go outside and get some fresh air. Walking around and taking in some scenery can help refresh and stabilize your mind. Instead of being cooped up and focusing on your thoughts, you’ll feel happier and more relaxed. What’s more, fresh oxygen will help your body get rid of THC faster.

To reduce your high even more swiftly, you might want to get some light exercise. While you might not want to exercise too intensely while you’re high, a jog or even a brisk walk can help refocus your mind as well as reducing the levels of THC in your body, meaning you’ll feel more good and sober before long.

It’s best to take a walk somewhere you feel safe and comfortable, such as your neighborhood or a local park. If it’s already dark out, you might prefer to avoid going outdoors, but you can still use the same principles to reduce your high. Crack open a window or relax in your backyard and consider doing some light physical activity to reduce your high. 

3. Take A Shower Or Bath

Many users find that one of the most effective ways to counteract a strong marijuana high is to take a shower or bath. Not only are these activities incredibly relaxing, but they can also have a wealth of physical and mental benefits that will naturally counteract any overwhelming side effects of THC.

Taking a shower or a bath can help boost your metabolism, increase your blood flow, and relax your mind, all without any effort required on your part. All you have to do is lay back in your bathtub or enjoy a nice, hot shower. Even if you’re suffering from THC-induced anxiety or paranoia, this can quickly help put you in a peaceful state of mind.

Whether you should run a bath or take a shower largely depends on what you prefer and what kind of state you’re in. Some users prefer showering since it’s quicker, but a bath can be much more relaxing. Plus, if you’re super stoned, you might just feel like laying down in the bathtub and enjoying the experience. Just make sure you don’t doze off.

4. Distract Yourself With Something Fun

One of the worst things about smoking too much is that you often end up with racing thoughts, which can sometimes lead to anxiety or paranoia. As such, one of the best ways to deal with this and make your high more positive is to distract yourself with something fun or engaging, such as watching a movie, listening to music, or even playing video games.

While this method won’t technically make you come down faster, it can reduce some of the negative side effects of marijuana and make your high go by much faster. Once your mind is locked into something like a book or TV show instead of focusing on negative thoughts, your high will become much more positive and you’ll be sober before you know it.

Keeping your mind engaged always helps when you’re high, especially when you’re smoking strains that stimulate your mind. Make sure you prepare yourself with something interesting to watch, something relaxing to listen to, or something fun to read or play before you get high to pass the time quicker.

Relax And Sleep Your High Off

5. Relax And Sleep Your High Off

If you’re dealing with a strong marijuana high and other methods aren’t helping you reduce the effects as quickly as you’d like, the best approach is to sleep it off. Relaxation is crucial when you’re dealing with the side effects of THC, and nothing works better than laying down and resting.

There are multiple benefits to sleeping when you want to come down faster from weed. For one, relaxing and controlling your breathing will help ward off issues such as nausea and anxiety. What’s more, if you manage to fall asleep, you’ll probably be sober by the time you wake up.

Although marijuana usually makes it easier to fall asleep, some users might find it harder if they’re having a hard time relaxing. In these cases, it’s best to put something on in the background such as a calming song or a quiet TV show to distract your mind until you drift off.


Weed can induce all kinds of fun and exciting effects, but sometimes you might want to reduce the effects if they’re too overwhelming or lasting too long. These are some of the best ways to come down faster from weed, and using them in conjunction will work even better.

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