Best Weed Friendly Social Media Apps
Best Weed Friendly Social Media Apps

Whether you prefer smoking weed with the best smoking devices or eating edibles, using marijuana is no longer just a countercultural activity. All kinds of people from college students to senior citizens now use marijuana for all kinds of reasons. With the growing love for marijuana around the U.S. and across the world, there are also many ways to share your passion with the best weed-friendly social media apps.

Marijuana social media networks and apps are taking off, and there are all kinds of fun and interesting communities you can partake in. For instance, there are social media apps aimed at cannabis entrepreneurs and professionals, social media apps for sharing pictures of your favorite strains, and even dating apps for marijuana enthusiasts. For pretty much any kind of social network you can think of, there’s a 420-friendly alternative.

If you’re a marijuana consumer, a marijuana entrepreneur, a growing enthusiast, or even just a regular person with an interest in marijuana, it’s well worth checking some of these apps now. They can introduce you to a world of interesting marijuana-based content and connect you with other like-minded people. So where should you start? Here are the best weed-friendly social media apps and websites in 2020.

420 Singles

If you’re tired of swiping your way through Tinder and Bumble looking for the perfect smoking buddy, then look no further than 420 Singles. This is an app that’s specifically designed for users looking to date or hookup with other marijuana lovers, making it easy to find people who love weed just as much as you.

The way 420 Singles works isn’t too different from Tinder. You can swiftly sign up, create a short profile, add a few pictures, and start swiping on people in your area. The only difference is that you won’t need to look out for a “420 friendly” tag on people’s profiles. Once you match, you can strike up a conversation and arrange a marijuana-fueled Netflix and chill session with ease.

Making a profile is quick, easy, and free, although you can also pay $9.99 a month if you want premium features such as the ability to instantly send messages without matching. Whichever way, you’ll have a lot of fun with this app. It’s currently available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


If you’ve ever dreamed of an app like Airbnb that’ll help you instantly find 420-friendly accommodations, then BudHubz is perfect for you. You can check out listed accommodations where you can rest assured that you won’t get into trouble for using marijuana, although hosts can still set some ground rules.

It’s also much more than that. BudHubz can also help you find local dispensaries and head shops on your trip and even arrange meetups with other stoners in the area. This makes it a prime all-in-one app if you’re looking to arrange a fun cannabis-fueled trip or even if you just want to find dispensaries and smoking buddies in your local area.

BudHubz is a fairly new cannabis social media network, but it has plenty of room to grow as more people find out about its unique features. It’s currently available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, but you can also access it via your browser if you prefer.

Grow Diaries

Grow Diaries

One of the best things about social apps is that they often allow you to share your progress on your passions and interests. For instance, social fitness apps let people share their workout goals and get input and encouragement from their fellow fitness-minded friends. Grow Diaries applies these same concepts to something entirely different- marijuana growing.

Whether you’re keen on horticulture or simply keen on marijuana, Grow Diaries is the perfect platform for tracking every aspect of your cannabis growing projects. You can start a personal diary and enter details on the growing conditions you’re using and the daily growth of your plants.

While you can keep your diaries private and anonymous if you want, you can also connect with the community and gain valuable input on how to improve your growing abilities. You can also check out other people’s diaries for inspiration and information. Whether you’re a beginner grower or a veteran, it’s the perfect platform for you.


MjLink is another professional social media network aimed specifically at the cannabis industry. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s interested in starting a cannabis business or you’re an experienced professional in a cannabis-based job, MjLink is a great place to connect with industry professionals all over the world.

Much like other professional networks, MjLink allows businesses to promote themselves in various ways. You can create a business page and post your company in their professional directory. You can also post interesting blogs and articles. They even have an MJ TV section that allows users to post video content.

While you can simply use MjLink via your browser, you can also download the handy app and check in with your professional connections anywhere via your smartphone or tablet. If you want a way to connect with people in the industry, this is one of the top apps out there.


WeedLife is a social network designed to let users connect and share content with marijuana enthusiasts all over the world. With an easy-to-navigate interface and plenty of fun features for cannabis lovers to dig into, this is another one of the best weed-friendly social media apps you can find in 2020.

Interestingly, the WeedLife app was launched by the same company behind MjLink- the professional cannabis social network. However, while MjLink focuses on connecting professionals in the cannabis industry, WeedLife is a more informal and consumer-friendly app where everyone can share their love for cannabis.

Users can create groups, promote events, check out articles and updates, share photos of cannabis products, and even create private or group chats with other members. It’s currently available for Android and Apple devices in 39 countries.


MJ MaryJane

MJ MaryJane is one of the most exciting and innovative apps for marijuana fans. If you’re looking for a good app to share your favorite marijuana pictures, MJ MaryJane is the perfect platform. It even has an image editor to enhance your pictures- much like Instagram or Pinterest.

The app also allows you to read and share interesting news and content about marijuana. MJ MaryJane even has a crowd-sourced rating system to help you weed out the bad posts and help you find the best content possible.

While you can check out cannabis reviews and articles via the MJ MaryJane website, the best way to use it is via the free Google or Apple app. It currently has strong ratings on both mediums, making this a social media app that’s well worth checking out for any cannabis enthusiast.

High There

High There is a cannabis social network that makes it easy for users to find like-minded friends. If you want to find people who share your love of smoking, vaping, growing, and everything else to do with weed, then High There is worth a look. You can even arrange meetups in your local area.

Aside from making it easy to connect with new stoner buddies, High There also offers a lot of extra features. You can check out the latest news and information on marijuana and CBD, check out marijuana-related guides, or even look at product reviews to make sure you get the best cannabis products.

Although it’s not the perfect cannabis app and has plenty of room for improvement, High There is still a good social media app that cannabis users might want to check out. It’s available for free on both the Google Play Market and Apple App Store.


Described as a cannabis social network marketplace, Weedable offers a platform for users to check out the best marijuana products, strains, and dispensaries from their local area as well as further afield. It also offers a place where marijuana brands can connect with consumers and promote themselves.

As well as a store locator, Weedable enables businesses to set up online storefronts, allowing users to check out their wares. Consumers can check out products, interact with businesses, and even provide reviews.

On top of these features, businesses and consumers can also share all kinds of cannabis-related content, making this an interesting app to check out for anyone interested in cannabis. You can sign up online or use the iOS or Android app.



Duby is another fun social media app that focuses purely on cannabis. Users can connect with other marijuana fans, share pictures and posts, check out dispensary menus for their local area, submit reviews, and all kinds of other features.

This app is lacking in some regards. Although it offers plenty of features, there are also many other apps out there offering the same thing. With that said, this is a relatively new app and could improve significantly in the future.

If you want another weed-friendly social media network to connect with cannabis lovers and check out interesting cannabis-based content, then you can check out the Duby app for free via Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Smoke Network

Smoke Network is one of the newest social marijuana apps out there, but it’s already gained an impressive amount of hype as the first decentralized cannabis network. Smoke Network uses blockchain technology and aims to create a cannabis community that’s free from censorship and outside influences.

Users can write and submit all kinds of interesting content related to cannabis. They can also upvote content posted by other users. The best content will rise to the top, creating a Reddit-like atmosphere where cannabis fans won’t need to worry about their content being censored.

The most interesting part is that Smoke Network offers incentives for users to contribute to the community. You can earn cryptocurrency for posting high-quality content or even for voting on other users’ content. You can sign up via their website or get the free app on Google Play.


Ever wished you could find a social network like LinkedIn but more marijuana-friendly? That’s pretty much exactly what LeafWire is. Described as a “100% Cannabis Business Network”, LeafWire is the perfect platform for connecting with cannabis professionals all across the industry without any stigma.

No matter what kind of cannabis professional you are, LeafWire has a range of handy features for you. Business owners can connect with investors, entrepreneurs can find networking groups and events, and even those who simply want to get involved can find various job openings in the marijuana industry.

Although LeafWire hasn’t hit the app market just yet, it provides a bunch of useful web-based features that you can browse from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’ll likely soon expand to Android and iOS as the industry is only growing and professional marijuana social networks are more important than ever.



CannaSOS is described as a global marijuana network, allowing you to connect with marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world. You can post pictures and content to your feed, join groups, and even earn money by contributing to the website.

While it functions well as a social network, CannaSOS truly shines in terms of content. You can find in-depth information on pretty much any strain on here, from their average THC levels to their flavor profiles and even user reviews. You can also find information on other products, dispensaries, and all kinds of fascinating marijuana articles.

If you’re interested in weed, this is one of the most interesting social media platforms out there. Although its design is somewhat lacking and it isn’t currently available on the app store, it excels when it comes to information and guides on pretty much everything to do with marijuana.


Whether you’re looking for a place to share cannabis content, find smoking buddies, connect with industry professionals, or even find a date with a fellow stoner, these are some of the best marijuana-friendly social media apps out there.

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