Best Dab Rigs of 2020
Best Dab Rigs of 2020

While avid weed smokers might want to stick with a Glass Pipe or Bong, Dab Rigs are the best choice for those who want to get the maximum potential out of their cannabis concentrates. Whether you prefer Wax, Shatter, Live Resin, or other types of dabs, using a Dab Rig will give you the strongest and most flavorful hits possible. As such, you might want to invest in one of the best Dab Rigs of 2020.

All of these Dab Rigs can give you an exceptional dabbing experience and each one has something unique to offer. Whether you’re looking for a small and stylish Dab Rig or something big and powerful, there’s a suitable device for every user. What’s more, all of these rigs are available for free shipping across the United States. Here are the best Dab Rigs you can buy right now.

Showerhead Rig with Banger

When it comes to Dab Rigs, sometimes smaller is better. Although a large Dab Rig will give you massive hits, it can also be hard to store and even harder to travel with. Users who would prefer a Dab Rig that’s small and compact yet still capable of providing some of the most powerful dab hits will want to check out this Showerhead Rig With Banger.

At 6-inches in length, this rig won’t take up too much space, and you could even stash it in a backpack if you wanted to head to a friend’s house for a social dabbing session. However, despite its size, it packs plenty of features designed to make your sessions as enjoyable as possible.

This rig features a showerhead percolator to ensure your hits are nice and smooth when they hit your mouth. It also has a bent neck that’ll make it very convenient and comfortable to use. On top of that, it features a simple yet clean design, high-quality materials, and comes with a handy 14mm banger.

Showerhead Rig with Banger

Space Blazer Rig

Some dabbing enthusiasts may prefer Dab Rigs that are powerful and functional despite looking fairly simple. However, just because you want a powerful Dab Rig, doesn’t mean you have to go for a basic design. If you want a Dab Rig that’s just as effective as it is stylish, the Space Blazer Rig is one of the best options.

This space-themed design will instantly catch your eye with its unique shape and vibrant colors. The device looks somewhat like an alien offering up a gift to get you incredibly high, and the functionality reflects this.

When you fire up Quartz banger and add a potent dab, you’ll be met with an exceptional dab hit. However, if you’re not in the mood for dabbing, you can simply swap it with a 14mm flower bowl for enjoying all your favorite strains of weed. It’s also fairly compact, although its awkward shape might make it awkward to stash in a bag.

Buy Space Blazer Rig

Space Blazer Rig

5in Klein Recycler with Banger

Another one of the best Dab Rigs of 2020 is the 5in Klein Recycler with Banger. It’s a fairly compact device that won’t take up too much space, yet it’ll give you some of the most satisfying hits you’ve ever experienced- especially thanks to the recycler tubes it features.

When you take a hit from the 5in Klein Recycler, the water from the base of your rig will travel through the recyclers along with the vapor from your dab. That means that, by the time it reaches your mouth, it’ll be exceptionally cool, smooth, and easy to handle. Of course, your hits will also be extremely potent and flavorful.

While the design is fairly lowkey, it comes in four different color options- Teal, Blue, Green, and Purple. You can pick whichever one suits your style the best, and whichever way, you’ll get a device that’s sleek, sturdy, and highly effective. It also comes with an interchangeable bowl and banger so you can enjoy weed as well as dabs.

Klein Recycler with Banger

Wax Poetic Dab Rig

The Wax Poetic Dab Rig is, by far, one of the most incredible looking devices you can find for enjoying your favorite cannabis products. This Dab Rig is full of color and looks incredible when it’s in use. If you’re a fan of glass art, this piece will look great on your mantle. Of course, it’s also great for dabbing.

This Dab Rig features an inline percolator that’ll make your hits smoother before you inhale them. It’s also made with high-quality materials, so aside from being nice and durable, it’ll also make your dab hits feel great.

It comes with a 14mm female banger so you can start enjoying some high-quality dabs right away. If you’re a fan of Dab Rigs with outstanding and colorful designs, then this is one of the best options for you.

Buy Wax Poetic Dab Rig

Wax Poetic Dab Rig

Dopezilla Kraken Dab Rig

Users who aren’t so concerned about their Dab Rig being stylish or colorful and simply want a device that’s designed for functionality will likely enjoy the Dopezilla Kraken Dab Rig. This rig has a simple, clear beaker design, although it does feature some subtle colored accents. However, its functionality is where it shines.

You’ll be impressed by the hits you get from this powerful rig. The wide base offers plenty of space for potent hits, whereas the drum percolator will make your hits cool and smooth before you inhale. It comes with a sturdy 14mm male banger, capable of withstanding plenty of heat to vaporize your dabs.

Additionally, the Dopezilla Kraken Dab Rig even comes in a collector’s gift box. Whether you’re looking for a good gift for a dabbing buddy or a powerful Dab Rig for yourself, this device is a top pick.

Buy Dopezilla Kraken Dab Rig


No matter what kind of rig you need, these are some of the best Dab Rigs of 2020. All of them are bound to give you consistent top-quality dabbing sessions, and which one is best depends on your personal preference.

If none of these Dab Rigs suit your tastes, there are plenty more to choose from. You can check out other Dab Rigs in our online store. You can also find a range of Glass Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers, Vaporizers, and other top-notch devices at FatBuddhaGlass.

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