The Best Dry Herb Vape Pens for a Healthier High
The Best Dry Herb Vape Pens for a Healthier High

You might have heard that vaping can be bad for your lungs. There have been more than 1,400 cases of lung injuries linked to vaping. Plus, vapes containing THC liquid might also contribute to the lung injuries. But this only applies to the oil vape pens. If you want a potentially better way of ingesting cannabis and get immediate effects, consider using dry herb vape pens. 

How Are Dry Herb Vape Pens Different?

One reason that many people choose dry herb vapes is because of the possibility of smoking quality buds. These users want to get around the potential issues associated with using an oil vape pen. Some oils might contain harmful chemicals, which could have harmful effects on the lungs. The important part about getting high with a dry herb is using the right temperature. 

The good news is that both tinctures and edibles are fairly safe ways of getting high. However, it can be harder to dose them right, and they can often take a bit longer to affect you. 

The Safety of Vaping

While vaping can be one of the most convenient methods of getting high, it might also do your lungs more damage than the other methods. Vaporization often happens at around 350 degrees. But combustion can happen at just 400 degrees to 950 degrees. Smoking a joint happens at around 950 degrees. But the issue with oil vape devices is that they are portable and small. This means that they do not have much room for controllable, high-tech ovens in them. 

On the other hand, dry herb vape pens can be somewhat bigger, so they can hold more advanced technology. You can take advantage of this. For example, if you have a smaller device that does not control the temperature well, you could end up putting the bud in and have it set to 450 degrees. That would cause the flower to combust, and you would be inhaling potential carcinogens. Plus, the terpenes in it might overheat. 

However, the right device lets you stay below the combustion point. Try to stay below 390 degrees for the best possible experience. But the issue is that you need to have better control over the device if you want to vape your weed at a healthier temperature. The issue for many people is that this tech can come at a high price, particularly if you need a portable or small device.

How to Find the Right Device

How to Find the Right Device 

It can be hard to find healthier and affordable vape devices that will also give you the right temperature while offering good clouds and a strong flavor. Plus, you don’t want it to break after just a few uses, and you still need discreetness. Luckily, there are a few factors that you can use to narrow down your options when determining the ideal product for you. Think about the design and specs before getting a specific device. 


First, you should decide if you want to get a desktop piece or a portable one. If you only vape at home, you might find you can get a higher tech piece that is slightly larger, and it might not cost as much as looking for a smaller one. Plus, a larger device might be the most likely to produce a high-quality cloud. 

On the other hand, if you will only be vaping on the go, you want to look for a smaller vaping device. It is likely that most people will look for a portable device. There are many portable vaporizers around, so that narrows things down only slightly. You should then consider what composition and build of the unit you want to get. 

Composition, Build, and Discreetness

A portable dry herb vaporizer might be sold as either a powerful piece or extremely stealthy. There is really not that much in between. If you want to discreetly use the vape device, you will want to look for one that is small enough that you can hide it in your palm. It should also have a small enough mouthpiece. There are many ones like this out there, such as the Pulsar APX V2. On the other hand, if you are not as concerned about being stealthy, you might want to get a stronger, sturdier device, which can offer delicious, dense clouds. 

For the composition, you should look into what kinds of materials vaporizers are made from. A less expensive one might have a lot of plastic in it, which can negatively affect the flavor of the vapor. 

A glass mouthpiece is perfect for enjoying a smooth, cool cloud. It will also likely offer a better flavor than a plastic one. The composition of your heating chamber is also vital. For instance, if you have a ceramic oven, you can often prevent combustion from happening. That way, you can enhance the flavor and try to avoid potential carcinogens. You also want to see if there are food grade or medical grade parts in the vape pen since these often offer better quality for you. 

Oven Capacity and Temperature Control

Oven Capacity and Temperature Control

It is vital for you to be able to choose the temperature that you can enjoy your session. Many more expensive brands will offer several pre-sets for the temperature to choose from. However, there are a few exceptions. Some brands still offer better and more precise temperature control and are more affordable, as well. 

Having precise temperature control means that you can select the exact temperature in single degree increments. For many vapers, this feature is very important. Plus, you also want to think about how long the device will take to heat up. Many dry herb vape pens have heating times from around 20 seconds to up to a minute. Look at the product reviews before you decide on your final purchase. 

The size of your heating chamber can vary depending on the brand that you choose. You need to look into the oven capacity since that can affect the length of your session. You might not want to have to keep adding more of the herb to the oven during one session.

Usually, the capacity of a typical oven can range from 0.15 to 0.5 grams of cannabis. However, even though the size of your oven plays a role in the pen that you will choose, you need to focus on how efficient it is. 

You also should think about how well it can preserve the flavor of the flower. Just because you can get a lot of the herb in the oven does not mean that it will offer a high-quality experience. You might choose a device whose heating chamber’s capacity is only 0.25 grams, but it might have a highly efficient oven. 

Battery Life and Features

There have been many advances made in the vaping industry today. As a result, more consumers expect brands to offer a range of features. For example, some devices offer different usage mods. That might include a boost mode so that you can get heavier hits. Plus, some vaporizers can even be paired with apps on your mobile phone. 

You might be able to track a vaporizer using a phone app. If you are spending a lot of money on a dry herb vaporizer, you should select a vape device that offers more than just the basic features. 

You also need to consider the battery life of the device. This is something that you can’t ignore. Each brand offers the kind of battery that it uses, and whether or not you can remove and recharge it. The standard types of batteries are 18650 mAh lithium-ion batteries, which offer enough power for many different vapers. 

However, if you have been vaping for a while or use higher frequency levels, you might want to go with a stronger unit. Some offer batteries that you can remove and swap out. Rechargeable and removable batteries are perfect for those who want to be able to travel with their devices.

Battery Life and Features


You should also think about the budget you have for a vape pen. There are several categories of dry herb vape devices, including high-end, medium, and lower-end devices. Usually, the more that you spend, the better the quality of the vapor ought to be. 

If you are on a budget, you can still get a high-quality device. However, it might not have all of the features that a more expensive device has. Some of them might just work well enough to get the job done. But it is up to you to balance your expectations and budget to find the best middle-ground for you. 

The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

It will take a bit of research, but it is possible to find some high-quality vape pens at a good price. These are a couple of the more popular ones. 

Yocan Evolve-D Dry Herb Vape Pen

This device is very portable in the category of dry herb vaporizers. You can carry it around to use it no matter where you are. As is the case with many other Yocan devices, this vape pen has a coil technology that is known as the dual pancake coil. 

This vape pen’s coils contact the herb directly because of the pen’s design. The coils can heat the herb quickly and create vapor. Many people also like the chamber on the pen because it is large. That means that you can fill it with a lot of your dry herb and prolong the vaping experience. That way, you will not have to reload it frequently. 

The vape pen also has a dual-purpose cap on its tip. There are two things that you can do with the cap. First, you can push the herbs down a bit more to get a more even heat distribution, or you might press your cap to get any remaining herb out to clean it easily. Overall, the pen is discreet, practical, sleek, and functional. 

The vape pen can heat up in around 30 seconds, which is a good heating time for a vape device in this size. In a low-temperature setting, the quality of the vapor is very good. You don’t want to use it at a higher temperature since the vapor might become too hot and cause lung issues. The mouthpiece is above the herb chamber, meaning the vapor will not have time to cool off. Because of the low draw resistance, the experience can feel smoother for you.

Pulsar APX II Vape

Pulsar APX II Vape

The Pulsar APX II Vape device has a small and discreet design that feels and looks good. It is somewhat similar to a cigarette lighter. The Pulsar APX II Vape is comfortable to hold in your hands, and it has the power button high on the pen. That means that it is easy to turn on and off. 

Some labels light up when you select the temperature. This can be a helpful design, particularly when you know that many devices in this price range do not label the temperature labels nearly so clearly. You can easily and quickly load up the device, and then you can use it easily. 

It measures only around four inches, and it does not have a very large profile. That means that this device can be put inside your pocket easily. You might be able to put a few of these devices in your pocket without anyone noticing. 

The Pulsar APX II Vape is fairly low maintenance, which means you can clean the device easily and quickly. You can use a cleaning brush to quickly wipe your chamber once you are done vaping

Closing Thoughts 

When it comes to getting a vape pen, you will do well when you do enough research to pick the best one for your needs and budget. That way, you can be sure to get the best experience possible.


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