How To Dab Without A Dab Rig
How To Dab Without A Dab Rig

Dabbing is something that every stoner should experience at least once. Although there are some pretty potent strains of weed out there, dabbing cannabis concentrates is a surefire way to get an even harder-hitting high. Of course, the best way to dab is to use a high-quality Dab Rig, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dab without a Dab Rig.

Cannabis concentrates such as Shatter, Wax, Budder, and Live Resin can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways, and many of them don’t require a Dab Rig at all. Although the hits might not be quite as extreme without a Dab Rig, some users even prefer this as it means they can get a more manageable high while still enjoying their favorite extracts. Here’s how to dab without a Dab Rig.

1. Use A Dab Pen Or Concentrate Vaporizer Instead

Arguably the easiest and most effective way to use your dabs without a Dab Rig is to use a Concentrate Vaporizer or Dab Pen. These devices are portable vaporizers that are compatible with various types of cannabis concentrates such as Shatter, Wax, Live Resin, and many more. Many users find that using a Dab Pen is even easier than using a Dab Rig.

Instead of having to set your Dab Rig up and heat the nail, Dab Pens make the whole process extra convenient. Simply add a dab of your chosen cannabis extract to the device, turn it on, and you can start enjoying powerful hits within minutes. What’s more, Dab Pens are portable and allow you to enjoy dabs wherever you are.

The hits you get from a Dab Pen aren’t quite as powerful as those you’d get from a Dab Rig, but many users find it offers the perfect balance of potent yet manageable effects. As such, it’s worth having a device such as the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Dab Pen for quick and convenient dabbing.

2. Add Your Dabs To A Joint With Your Favorite Weed

Another one of the easiest ways to use dabs without a Dab Rig is to add them to a joint. While cannabis concentrates won’t burn well by themselves in a joint, you can solve this problem by mixing them with weed. That way, you’ll mix the effects of your dabs with your choice of weed, making for a potent and interesting high.

Using your dabs in a joint is simple. Start by rolling a joint as you usually would but, after adding your weed, add your chosen cannabis extract on top of the weed. For instance, you could add a few spots of Live Resin or a line of Shatter. You can then seal your joint as you usually would and start smoking.

When you light your joint, your dabs will burn along with the weed and, each time you get a drag, you’ll get the effects of both products. You might want to experiment by mixing different types of strains to make the experience more unique.

Add Your Dabs To A Joint With Your Favorite Weed

3. Mix Your Dabs Into The Bowl Of Your Pipe Or Bong

Using a Pipe is one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis. After all, it only takes a few minutes to pack your bowl with weed and you can then light and inhale wherever and whenever. Using a Bong offers a similar experience, except the hits are bigger and it also filters your smoke through water.

You can also make your Pipe or Bong hits even stronger by adding your favorite dabs to your bowl. However, trying to do this with dabs alone can result in you ruining your bowl, so make sure you add a good amount of weed before adding some small pieces of Wax, Shatter, or another type of extract on top.

The experience of mixing dabs into a bowl of weed is similar to mixing them into a joint. However, using a Pipe or Bong is more convenient and the hits will feel smoother and more potent, making for a more enjoyable session.

4. Swap The Bowl Of Your Bong With A Quartz Banger

If you don’t have a Dab Rig and don’t feel like investing in one, you might want to use a Bong instead. While you should never try to use a dab torch on a glass bowl, you can swap your bowl out with a Quartz Banger, which is capable of withstanding the high level of heat required for using dabs.

Replacing your bowl with a Quartz Banger is surprisingly easy. You’ll simply need to buy a compatible Male Quartz Banger or Female Quartz Banger to insert into the joint of your Bong. You’ll also need to make sure that you choose the right size for your device. After that, you can heat the banger with a Dab Torch and apply your dab.

Keep in mind that this method works better with some devices than others. You’ll also need to be very careful not to apply too much heat to any of the glass parts of your Bong, as this can cause them to crack. If you’re unsure, find a device that features an interchangeable bowl and banger, such as the 5” Klein Recycler with Banger.

Swap The Bowl Of Your Bong With A Quartz Banger

5. Try Using A Healthstone

One of the most unique yet effective ways to dab without a Dab Rig is to use a Healthstone. A Healthstone is a type of accessory that features a carbon vapor stone that somewhat resembles a pumice stone. This stone can be adjoined to certain Pipes or even attached to a Bong using a Vapor Slide Bowl.

Due to the materials it uses, a Healthstone can be heated with a Dab Torch without releasing any harmful vapors. It can also withstand enough heat to vaporize all kinds of dabs. It’s intended to provide smoother and healthier hits for those who enjoy the effects of cannabis concentrates.

You can either heat the Healthstone before applying the dab or even apply heat while your dab is on the Healthstone. The dab will be absorbed into the Healthstone and you can then take a hit. As long as you have a compatible device, this is an amazing way to enjoy high-quality dab hits.


If you want to enjoy the potent effects of cannabis concentrates but don’t have a Dab Rig, these five methods allow you to enjoy dabs without a Dab Rig. With that said, you can also simply buy a Dab Rig online for high-quality hits. You can also find Dab Pens, Bongs, Rolling Papers, and plenty of smoking and dabbing accessories at Fat Buddha Glass.

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