What are Moon Rocks and How to Smoke Them
What are Moon Rocks and How to Smoke Them

Stoners are always looking for new and creative ways to get high, whether that’s with a new device such as a high-quality Vaporizer or Dab Rig or even with other types of products like cannabis concentrates. One of the best hacks for getting as high as possible is to use Moon Rocks. But those not in the know may wonder- what are Moon Rocks and how do you smoke them?

Moon Rocks are a kind of hybrid marijuana product made by rolling nugs of weed in Hash Oil (or other sticky and oily cannabis concentrates) before coating them in Kief. As such, you get the potent effects of weed and two cannabis extracts all at the same time. You can then smoke them using a Glass Pipe or Bong for an otherworldly high.

If you’ve never tried these potent nugs of THC before, here’s a guide on exactly what Moon Rocks are and how to smoke them.

What Are Moon Rocks?

While some marijuana users stick to smoking weed, others like to experiment with all kinds of new methods and products to get high. One such example of this is smoking Moon Rocks. Moon Rocks are often considered a type of cannabis concentrate. However, they differ from other cannabis extracts as they combine three products to make an extra potent nug of THC.

Moon Rocks can be made in a few different ways but they’re generally formed by taking dense nugs of Cannabis Flower, covering it in sticky Hash Oil, then rolling it in Kief that sticks to the Hash Oil. As a result, you get a ball of cannabis that’s coated in dusty Kief, making it resemble a real lunar rock.

Anyone can form Moon Rocks as long as they have the products needed, and you can even combine different strains to get a blend of effects. After making them, they can be cut into small pieces and added to a bowl, Vaporizer, or Dab Rig. Smoking them is usually the easiest and best way to experience their potent effects.

Why Use Moon Rocks

Why Use Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks aren’t ideal for the times when you simply want a mild high to take the edge off. However, if you’re looking for a phenomenal psychoactive experience, they might just be the perfect thing for you. 

When you smoke Moon Rocks, you get the effects of the Cannabis Flower, Hash Oil, and Kief all at the same time, resulting in a unique and powerful high. What’s more, you can blend two or more of your favorite strains this way. For instance, you could combine an indica strain of weed with a sativa strain of Hash Oil before coating it with a hybrid strain of Kief. You’ll then get the effects of all three of these strains when you use your Moon Rocks.

Another one of the cool things about Moon Rocks is that you can make them yourself right at home. You’ll need to grab some weed, a suitable cannabis extract, and some Kief, but it’s not hard to make some satisfying Moon Rocks and the process doesn’t take long.

What’s more, Moon Rocks will give you much stronger effects than simply smoking weed or vaping Hash Oil by itself. As such, even a small Moon Rock can be split into smaller pieces and used whenever you want a unique smoking experience.

How To Make Moon Rocks

If you want to try making Moon Rocks, you’ll need to make sure you have a few things. Cannabis Flower is the first ingredient, and a gram or two can work just fine. Make sure you don’t grind your Cannabis Flower as you’ll need some thick, dense nugs to make satisfying Moon Rocks.

Next, you need to coat your buds of Cannabis Flower with Hash Oil. Hash Oil is ideal as it’ll naturally stick to your weed- simply roll your buds of weed in a container or tray of Hash Oil until it’s thoroughly covered. You can also use other types of cannabis concentrates that have a similar consistency. For instance, sticky Rosin can work nicely, as can Shatter if you heat it first.

After coating your buds of weed with your chosen cannabis extract, you’ll then need to roll it in Kief. Also known as Dry Sift, Kief refers to the dusty resin particles that fall from your Cannabis Flower when you use a Grinder. You can collect Kief from your Grinder, use a Kief Scraper, or even buy Kief from a cannabis store. Just make sure you have enough to coat your oily buds.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you should be left with a satisfying dense nug that’s covered with oil and Kief, making it look like a dusty rock from the moon. Alternatively, you can find Moon Rocks in some cannabis stores if you don’t want to go through the effort of making them.

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

While there are a few ways to use Moon Rocks, smoking them with a Glass Pipe or Bong usually works well. It’s quick, convenient, and you’ll get powerful hits that’ll give you an incredible high.

Before you smoke your Moon Rocks, place them on a Rolling Tray and cut them into small pieces. This will make it easier to light them and get the full benefits of the THC they contain. You can then add them to the bowl of your Glass Pipe or Bong.

You should also add a small bed of ground Cannabis Flower to your bowl before placing your Moon Rocks on top. Not only will this make for smoother burning, but it’ll also prevent the Hash Oil and Kief from sticking to your glassware and making it harder to clean.

Once you’ve set your bowl up, all you have to do is light the top of your Moon Rock chunks until they start to sizzle and melt. You can then take a smooth hit from the mouthpiece of your device and enjoy the hard-hitting effects. Take as many hits as you need until you’re satisfied.


If you need a unique way to get extremely high, then smoking Moon Rocks is perfect for you. Simply add them to the bowl of your Glass Pipe or Bong along with some weed to get some incredibly potent hits. If you’re looking for a high-quality smoking device, you can find what you need online at Fat Buddha Glass.

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