20 Ways to Smoke Weed
20 Ways to Smoke Weed

From the euphoric physical high to the sharp and invigorating mental effects, smoking weed has all kinds of benefits. Not only can it give you an enjoyable recreational experience, but many users also find that weed helps with an array of physical and mental health symptoms. What’s more, there are tons of ways to smoke weed and everyone has their favorites.

Many people simply think of rolling a joint or using a Pipe when they think of smoking weed, but there are plenty of alternative options. For instance, instead of rolling a joint, you could pack a blunt or roll a spliff. You can also use alternative devices to Pipes such as a Chillum or Bubbler. You can even consider alternative options such as vaporizing or dabbing cannabis.

All of these methods have pros and cons and some are better for some occasions than others. For example, a joint is great for a quick smoke session with friends whereas using a Hookah is a particularly fun and unique experience. If you’re a huge weed enthusiast, you might even want to try all of them out. Here are 20 ways to smoke weed you should consider.

1. Joint

One of the simplest and most popular ways to smoke weed is by rolling a joint. This involves buying rolling papers, filling them with ground weed, rolling it up into a tightly-filled cone, and enjoying a smooth and easy smoking session.

Smoking a joint is a great option for smoking with friends as they’re easy to pass around, although you can also smoke a joint by yourself. You can also enhance them by adding cannabis concentrates or using longer rolling papers. With that said, rolling a joint when you want to smoke can be a hassle sometimes and some find the experience of smoking joints to be harsh and unpleasant.

2. Blunt

Packing a blunt is a common alternative to rolling a joint. You can still use any kind of weed you want in a convenient and easy-to-share form, but it involves using a hollowed-out cigar or a blunt wrap instead of regular rolling papers.

Most users make a blunt by hollowing out a cigar and packing it with ground weed. However, you can also buy blunt wraps and roll them like you would a joint. Smoking a blunt is slightly different from smoking a joint as the wraps contain nicotine which adds an energetic head buzz to your marijuana high. 


3. Spliff

Another closely-related option is to roll a spliff. Rolling a spliff is the same as rolling a joint with one key difference. Instead of rolling your joint with nothing but weed, a spliff contains a mix of tobacco and weed.

Making a spliff is extra simple. When you’re rolling a joint, simply mix loose-leaf tobacco with your weed. Most people use around 50/50 but you can use whatever ratio you want. Much like with smoking a blunt, you’ll get the effects of THC and nicotine at the same time and many find the high to be milder and more manageable.

4. Glass Pipe

If you’d prefer not to roll your weed into a joint or spliff every time you use it, it’s time to consider some of the best smoking devices. And as far as convenient and easy-to-use smoking devices go, it’s hard to beat the classic Glass Pipe.

A Glass Pipe is a handheld device that makes smoking weed exceptionally easy. Instead of wasting any time rolling a joint, you can simply pack some ground weed in the bowl of your Pipe, light, and inhale for a smooth and satisfying high. You can buy Glass Pipes online in many shapes and sizes and every smoker should have at least one.

5. Bong

While a Glass Pipe is perfect for convenience, a Bong is the best choice for users who want a hard-hitting weed smoking device that’ll lead them to phenomenal highs. Using a Bong is just as simple as using a Glass Pipe, but it has a few extra perks.

A Bong is a larger device that features a base that you can fill with water. When you fill the bowl with weed and light it, the smoke is filtered through the water giving you smoother and purer hits. Due to the larger size of Bongs, the hits are also extra powerful. You can also buy Bongs online in many forms.

6. Bubbler

If you want the smooth and satisfying experience of a Bong but the convenient portability of a Pipe, then buy a Bubbler. A Bubbler is like a small, handheld Bong that can deliver powerful effects despite its compact size.

Simply fill the base of your Bubbler with water, pack some ground weed in the bowl, light, and inhale to enjoy the incredibly smooth hits. Take as many as you need until you’re satisfied with your high then put your Bubbler down till the next session.


7. Hookah

If you want to get extra fancy with your weed smoking, try smoking weed with a Hookah. Also known as a Shisha Pipe, a Hookah is a large device that’s usually used for smoking flavored tobacco. However, you can also use it for weed.

Smoking with a Hookah is a little different from other devices. It features a large bowl and coals that are used to light your herbs. You can fill the bowl with weed or mix it with shisha (flavored tobacco). After lighting your weed, you can inhale from one of the hoses on the size. Many Hookahs have multiple hoses, making for a fun social smoking experience.

8. Cross Joint

You can also enhance your weed smoking sessions by getting creative with the way you roll your joints. Instead of rolling a regular joint, those who are experienced enough can learn how to roll a Cross Joint like a true stoner

A Cross Joint is made by crossing one joint through the middle of another. When you inhale, you draw weed from all three points, resulting in a particularly strong high. You can even use multiple strains to make for an extra fun experience.

9. Chillum

If you want a handy device that’s even more compact than a Glass Pipe, then smoking weed with a Chillum is ideal for you. Also known as a One-Hitter, a Chillum Pipe is a super small device that gives you one hit at a time.

You can discreetly carry a Chillum Pipe anywhere and load it with a small amount of weed for a quick hit when you need it. It’s not ideal for long, intense smoking sessions, but it can help you out in a fix.

10. Vaporizer

While it’s not technically smoking, using weed with a Vaporizer is one of the best alternative options to smoking. Vaporizing involves heating weed to produce inhalable vapor without any smoke, giving you a healthier and smoother experience.

You can buy Vaporizers online and, while desktop Vaporizers will give you powerful hits, a portable Dry Herb Vape Pen is perfect for getting high on the go. Simply fill the chamber with weed, turn the device on, and enjoy the potent vapor it produces.

11. Dab Rig

Another popular option that doesn’t technically involve smoking is to use a Dab Rig. A Dab Rig is a Bong-like device that’s used to instantly vaporize cannabis concentrates like Shatter, Wax, and Live Resin.

To use a Dab Rig, you light the dab nail or banger with a torch until it reaches a high temperature. You then apply a dab of your chosen concentrate and inhale through the mouthpiece. The hits are incredibly strong and it won’t take long to get obnoxiously high.

Dab Rig

12. Soda Can

If you don’t have rolling papers or a smoking device handy, one of the easiest options is to use a Soda Can. It’s not the best idea since you might end up inadvertently inhaling paint fumes, but it can help out as a last resort.

Smoking weed from a Soda Can is easy. Just press a dent into the side of an aluminum can, poke some holes with a needle or knife, put your weed on top, light, and inhale from the mouth hole.

13. Water Bottle Bong

The Water Bottle Bong is a staple for smokers who need a homemade smoking device. It involves poking a hole in a Water Bottle, creating a downstem with a pen tube, and using aluminum foil for a bowl.

It’s one of the best homemade Bongs you can make and anyone can make one within minutes. While you might not want to use the same Water Bottle Bong for too long, it’s great when you have nothing else to smoke with.

14. Apple Pipe

Another one of the best homemade smoking devices that anyone can make is an Apple Pipe. All you need is an Apple, a pen tube, a knife, and some of your favorite marijuana. The rest is simple.

Remove the core of your apple with a knife and use the pen tube to create two inter-linking holes in the top and the side. The top hole will become your bowl and the side hole will become the mouthpiece. You can also push the hole in the side all the way through and use the hole on the other side as a carb hole.

15. Corn Husk Joint

If you want a natural and organic alternative to rolling papers, you might want to roll a joint using a corn husk. Start by making a filter out of paper or card and cutting a Corn Husk into a small rectangle like a rolling paper. You should also tear thin lines from the husk to use for tying it up.

Fill your husk with weed and roll it around your filter tip just like you would with a rolling paper. You can then use the small lines you tore from the husk earlier to tie around the Corn Husk joint until it’s tightly packed. You can then smoke it just like a joint.

16. Gas Mask Bong

Creative stoners are also finding creative ways to smoke weed and one of the most interesting is with an altered Gas Mask. Gas Mask Bongs allow you to take in all the smoke from a Bong through the mouth of a Gas Mask.

These devices are just what they sound like. You add weed to your bowl, light, and inhale deeply while wearing a connected Gas Mask. While you could try and make one yourself, it’s best to buy a ready-made one.

Gas Mask Bong

17. Hotboxing

Sometimes you don’t have to put in any effort at all to get high. Many people can enjoy a fairly good buzz simply by hotboxing weed with their friends. Hotboxing involves smoking weed in an enclosed area such as a shed or car so that you’re constantly exposed to secondhand smoke.

When you get a good hotboxing session going, you don’t even need to take a hit from a joint or Pipe as you’ll still get a contact high from the marijuana smoke floating around. With that said, it doesn’t hurt to enhance your high by taking a few hits.

18. Gravity Bong

If you want to get enormous hits that are sure to make you incredibly high, then you should learn how to make a Gravity Bong. There are various ways to make one and all of them will end up in a phenomenal smoking session.

A Gravity Bong allows you to create a huge cloud of marijuana smoke that you can then inhale for an instant, hard-hitting high. Even though it can be a hassle to set up, it’s worth trying when you want a unique smoking experience.

19. Hot Knives

The hot knives method of smoking involves heating two knives over a stove before compressing cannabis between them. You can then inhale the smoke with a straw or a cut-off water bottle.

This method is more commonly used as an alternative method to dabbing as it works well with cannabis concentrates. With that said, it’s also dangerous and should only be practiced with extreme caution, if at all.

20. Steamroller

A Steamroller Pipe is a long, wide Pipe that provides huge hits. It usually features a bowl on the side and plenty of space for smoke to build up before you inhale from the wide mouthpiece. It’ll generally get you higher much quicker than a regular Pipe.

Many people make homemade Steamroller Pipes using objects such as toilet paper tubes. However, you’re much better off getting a high-quality glass Steamroller such as the Dagger Steamroller Pipe. This will give you a sensational high every time you use it.

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