Best Weed Smoking Games for Stoners
Best Weed Smoking Games for Stoners

Although getting high alone can still be an enjoyable and euphoric experience, sometimes it’s hard to beat getting high with some of your favorite smoking buddies. Weed can often make you more comfortable, giggly, and talkative, so smoking with friends can lead to plenty of fun times. You can also make your social smoking sessions even more fun with some of the best weed smoking games for stoners.

Weed smoking games are pretty much the same as drinking games. The only difference is that, instead of taking a shot or a swig for each rule, you have to take a drag of your joint or a hit from your Glass Pipe. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself having one of the most hilarious and enjoyable highs of your life. Here are some of the best weed smoking games to try with your smoking buddies.

1. The Categories Game

The Categories Game is easily one of the best smoking games purely for its simplicity. You don’t need any extra equipment and there isn’t a huge list of rules to explain to your buddies. The first person simply has to choose a category and each person in the circle has to say one thing from that category. If you stumble or fail to come up with an answer within 3 seconds, you have to smoke.

You can pick all kinds of categories to catch your friends off guard. For instance, easy examples would be to name cities around the world or famous pop artists. However, you can also get more specific and try to make your friends name Chris Pratt movies or French desserts. You can also go with categories you and your friends will enjoy, such as Netflix shows or strains of weed.

This game is tons of fun and you can even make it more difficult by imposing rules such as having to smoke more each time you lose. You can also mix it up by playing the A-Z Categories Game- the first person must choose an answer starting with the letter A, the next with a B, and so on.

Never Have I Ever

2. Never Have I Ever

Another classic drinking game that translates perfectly to a smoking game is Never Have I Ever. Pretty much everyone has played this at some point in their lives and the rules are very simple to follow. It’s fun, will get you very high, and will even help you learn more interesting things about your smoking buddies.

In case you’re not familiar with the rules- you must say one thing you’ve never done. For instance, “Never have I ever used a Dab Rig”. Anyone who can’t say the same must take a hit or a drag from their joint and the next person in the circle will then state something they’ve never done.

Your “never have I ever” could be about anything from smoking to sex to life in general. Just make sure you try and catch your friends out so they have to smoke more than you. This game only gets more fun the higher you get and you’re sure to find out some new things about your friends.

3. Weed Smoking Power Hour

If you want a game that’s going to get you high especially quickly, then play the Weed Smoking Power Hour. This is another classic game that can be applied in many ways. You simply spend an hour taking a hit every time something happens, whether it’s a line in a TV show, movie, or even a song.

For example, an easy way to play this would be to play “Jammin’” by Bob Marley and take a hit every time the word “jammin’” is uttered. Suffice it to say, your friends and you will have a good high going in no time. Alternatively, you could play The Big Lebowski and vow to take a hit every time the word “dude” is said.

You can get as creative as you want with the Power Hour and there are all kinds of songs and TV shows you can apply this to. Keep in mind that, in many cases, this game will get you high extremely quickly- so don’t be afraid to take a break once you have a good buzz so you can avoid smoking to excess.

High Video Games

4. High Video Games

Weed can heighten your senses and make every kind of activity seem more fun and exciting. A prime example of this effect is the experience of playing video games while high. Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros are enough fun when you’re sober, but they’ll be ten times more entertaining under the influence of weed.

As such, you should capitalize on this and incorporate smoking in your high video game battles. For instance, you and your smoking buddies could play Mario Kart and vow that you must take a hit for every red shell that hits you. You could also play a fighting game and agree that the loser has to take five hits.

You can come up with all kinds of rules and apply them to all kinds of games- the point is simply to have fun and keep your buzz going. Plus, if you aren’t a fan of video games, you can also easily adapt this to board games or table games such as Jenga and Kerplunk.

5. You Laugh, You Lose

Last but far from least, one of the best weed smoking games for stoners is You Laugh, You Lose. This game is probably the simplest of them all, but it’s also one of the most likely to get you extremely high.

You must sit in a circle with your friends with your smoking equipment prepared and put on a straight face. The only rule is to not laugh, and the first person that does must take a hit from their joint, Pipe, or Bong.

Naturally, you’ll find it harder not to laugh the more you do. As such, this game can lead to tons of laughter before long. You can also catch your friends off by pulling funny faces, telling jokes, or doing pretty much anything it takes to make them lose.


If you’re looking to make your smoking sessions more fun, these are some of the best weed smoking games for stoners. All of them are easy to play and all of them will lead to plenty of fun memories. Remember not to smoke too much and, if you need some high-quality smoking equipment, you can find Pipes, Bongs, Rolling Papers, and more at Fat Buddha Glass.


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